Spinal Injury (SMA)

Spinal Injuries (SMA):

August 29th, 2014

sabga-physio-spineDid you know that August is a month of awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)? This is a condition in which patients suffer from reduced muscle tone and significant muscle weakness. It is common in children and to a lesser extent, in adolescents. It is a genetic disorder, and patients tend to deteriorate over a period of time.

The management of patients with SMA is multi-disciplinary. This means that different healthcare professionals work together to help improve the quality of life for the patient. The physical therapist is an integral part of this team. This is a very complex condition and outcomes vary between patients. A lot of treatment options (gene testing, gene conversion) have been investigated, and the research is ongoing.

In any condition (or injury) involving the spine, the probability of nerve damage is significant. This has the potential to affect movement, function and muscle strength. Simple things like rolling in bed, sitting up straight and reaching for objects can become a challenge. There are several things that physical therapists can do for patients with spine injuries.

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